Register, Refer and earn upto Rs 500 for each successful referral.


#What is referral Program and How can I refer my friends and other individuals?

Whether you are a student or a teacher, KloudMagica provides a referral system enabling Users to refer any course on KloudMagica or the website, Once you register yourself as a teacher or a student, a referral code and url is sent to your registered email. Thereafter you may share the code with others (users that you refer to) to make them register on KloudMagica.


#How do I get paid for referring other users?

If the person being referred to chooses to register themselves using your referral code and purchases their first course, the referrer earns a certain amount of money or referral reward (only on the first purchase by the referred user). Please note, the mode of referral payment is through PayPal only and amounts to 5% of the total purchase made by the referred user.


#Is there any limit to number of referrals?

No, there is no limit on the number of referrals, both the instructor and the student can refer to any number of individuals and keep earning referral rewards.


#If I referred someone then from where I can ask for the payment?

Once the referred individual has signed up and purchased the first course, the referrer can view the details on the referral page and thereafter prompt the admin to release payment for the referral. Below are the steps to claim and receive your referral reward:


Login to your account
Go to Manage Courses
Go to Manage Payment -> Manage Referral-> View Referral-> Send Request Or go directly and  click on send request

Student or registered user:

Login to your account
Click on Referral
Send Request or go directly or click send request

Once the request has been sent the referral amount will be released. 


#How much I can earn per referral

It completely depends upon course of price. Generally offer will be 1-10%. So If course price is 100 usd then you may earn upto 10 usd per referral. If course price is 1000 usd then you may earn upto 100 usd per referral. Referral will be counted only when referred user purchase the course first time.